Guiding Principles

At Cohen & Company, a set of guiding principles informs everything we do—for our clients, for our business and for ourselves.


We act honestly and ethically at all times. We enhance the reputation of our clients and ourselves.


We embrace the highest standards of professionalism. We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and our work.


We are committed to the success of every client. We are dedicated to building strong, mutually successful relationships.


We encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship throughout our organization. We empower our people to explore new business opportunities.


We actively promote an integrated, collaborative culture that fosters communication and teamwork throughout the organization for the benefit of our clients.


We encourage creative thinking and recognize that ongoing innovation is an essential driver of our clients’ and our own success.


We are alert and responsive to constant change. We understand that agility is essential to meet new challenges and the evolving needs of our clients.


We are committed to excellence in all we do. We constantly strive to exceed our clients’ and our own expectations.


We are dedicated to achieving superior results for our clients. We are committed to achieving our goals and growing our business.


We believe in supporting the communities in which we operate. We seek to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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